An Olaf Anderson building starts with a good foundation – a good relationship with our client.

  • Establish Gross Floor Areas and Space Relations
  • Survey for Future Expansions and Renovation Requirements
  • Flow Diagrams of Space Schematics
  • Field Measurements of Existing Facilities
  • Field Surveys
  • Conceptual Budget
  • Guide the Design To the Budgeting Goal
  • Recommend alternate methods to meet budget
  • Pre-qualification

Site Development:
Choosing the right site is crucial for quality construction. We make sure the site is adequate for your needs, before anything is built.

  • Site Analysis – Onsite observations and topography analysis
  • Site Development Planning – Structure Placement, Parking, Circulation
  • Detailed Site Utilization Studies with Conceptual Design
  • On-Site Utility Studies – Electrical, Gas, Water, Sanitary, Storm, Fire, etc.
  • Off-Site Utility Studies – Locate, Verify Size and Adequacy of Utilities
  • Zoning Process Assistance if required
  • Geotechnical Engineering – soil test report review and recommendations
  • Site Survey – Grades, Streets, Utilities, Property Lines, Setbacks, Property Lines

Total Design Services:
You know what you want. We want to give you the best!

  • Design Scheduling
  • Architectural Design – Concept through Final Design
  • Green Design Elements – All encompassing Eco-friendly
  • Structural Design – foundation and structure
  • Mechanical Design – HVAC and plumbing
  • Electrical Design – lighting, telephone, security, electronics
  • Civil Design – paving, utilities, drainage, etc.
  • Landscape Design – complete plans for outdoor landscape
  • Interior Design – complete plans for indoor design
  • Special Design Requests – to include Alternates and/or addendum’s
  • Materials Research and Specifications