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Three Generations of Hard Work and Dedication

Bess, Vic, and Dave Moszer: Three Generations of Hard Work and Dedication at Olaf Anderson & Son (Winter 2002 Newsletter)

According to Vic Moszer, his uncle Bess began working at Olaf Anderson & Son in 1951. Back then, houses were Olaf’s bread & butter. Many of Fargo’s houses on River Drive, South 9th Street, and Southwood Addition were built by Olaf Anderson & Son crews.

Vic also worked for Olaf Anderson & Son building houses. According to Vic, one summer 20 houses went up; lot prices were $750, and houses were $13, 500.

Currently, Vic is retired and his son, Dave (with 23 years of service) heads up the service department. Vic is amazed at the tremendous growth and changes that have taken place over the years at Olaf Anderson & Son – especially all the machinery that it takes today to complete a construction project. Dave keeps busy doing most of the service work at Olaf Anderson and “putting out fires.” Dave, of course, wouldn’t trade all of today’s machinery for the “good old days.”



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